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Goldisthal Pumped-storage Power Plant

Goldisthal Pumped-storage Power Plant
Goldisthal Pumped-storage power plant is situated in eastern Thuringia by the Schwarza River. The power plant was commissioned in 2003/2004 and is one of the largest and most modern power plants of its kind in Europe.

Characteristics of Goldisthal pumped-storage power plant

Goldisthal power plant has a generation capacity of 1,053 MW. It is a cavern power plant. The upper reservoir has a capacity of 12 million m3. The total length of the ring dam of the upper reservoir is 3,370 metres. The length of the two pipelines from the reservoir to the underground power station is more than 800 metres with an elevation difference of 302 metres.

In order to generate electricity, the stations use the surplus of electricity that is generated in lignite power stations during off-peak periods. During these periods, water is pumped through pipelines from a lower to an upper reservoir. In the event of a sudden increase in power demand during peak-load periods, water from the reservoir is led back through the pipelines and propels hydro turbines in the underground power station to generate electricity.