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Green energy from the North Sea off the German coast. The DanTysk offshore wind farm, situated west of the island of Sylt and directly on the German-Danish border, is one of the first large-scale offshore wind farms ever built on the North Sea off the German coast.


About the DanTysk offshore wind farm

The offshore wind farm is a joint project between Vattenfall and Stadtwerke München. As part of Vattenfall's efforts to support the expansion of offshore wind energy utilisation in Germany, DanTysk will make a significant contribution to the new energy landscape in Germany.

The DanTysk offshore wind farm comprises 80 Siemens wind turbines in the 3.6 MW class. The total capacity is 288 MW, enough to supply up to 400,000 households. To ensure that the 148-metre-high wind turbines are erected safely and securely on the North Sea, the foundations are anchored to monopiles in the seabed at a depth of 21 to 32 metres. The rotor diameter of the 80 wind turbines is 120 metres. The wind farm extends over an area of 70 square kilometres.

An ideal location in the North Sea

DanTysk is located 70 kilometres from the island of Sylt. This means that the turbines cannot be seen either from the mainland or from Sylt, even under perfect weather conditions. Additional factors for the choice of the location were ensuring that shipping channels would remain clear and that nature reserves for marine birds and other sea animals would not be adversely affected. The wind conditions off the coast of Sylt are ideal. Good knowledge of these conditions forms the basis for sound planning and efficient operation of the wind farm. The prevailing south-westerly winds blow at an average speed of 10 metres per second, which together with the elongated shape of the wind farm ensures optimal operational efficiency.